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Unaligned, crooked or unevenly spaced teeth can be a huge drag on one’s appearance, but while these issues are visible to others, and aesthetically not at all pleasing to look at, they exact many other hidden costs on people suffering from them. They take a huge toll on people’s self worth, morale and self confidence, causing […]

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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Thailand?

Has your dentist recommended dental implants for you? Did you immediately experience a sudden shock when you began researching the procedure along with the price?Don’t give up hope quite yet. It’s possible to save on your implants by having them completed in a different country, like Thailand.How much do dental implants cost in Thailand? It […]

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How Long Does A Filling Take?

Are you struggling with tooth pain or tooth sensitivity? Then you most probably need to get your teeth checked for cavities. I have had two fillings done in my back molars. Honestly, I was terrified when my dentist said I had a cavity in my tooth. I did so much research on the topic that […]

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How Long Does A Root Canal Take?

Are you feeling anxious about getting root canal treatment for the first time? Your head must be full of questions and that is normal considering all the rumors that are being said about the whole procedure.  Knowing what to expect ahead of time will help in lowering your anxiety and stress levels during the entire […]

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What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

Ok, you’ve been working all day in the hot sun. You finally get to grab that ice-coldlemonade or, even better a Foster’s, and ouch, you get a shockinglypainful tooth jolt! You’ve just experienced tooth sensitivity to cold. Tooth sensitivity is a perennial human complaint. Not only cold, but also hot, sweet, and just biting on […]

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