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Teeth Whitening Brisbane – 5 Providers to Consider

Brisbane Teeth Whitening

Brisbane, with it's fast paced lifestyle and busy schedules, means that many people are recognising the importance of gaining and maintaining a bright and healthy looking smile, but struggling to find the time to get this done. Professional teeth whitening solves this problem! 

With significant results in as little as one hour, more people are taking the time to look after themselves and get the smile they want.

It’s now common for people to have their teeth professionally whitened during their lunch break, or quickly before and after work.

With so many more people seeking professional teeth whitening, the industry has seen a surge in healthy competition that is fantastic for you, the consumer.

However, with more choices on offer than ever before it’s a hard task to find the best places that represent both quality and value for money.

We’ve done the hard work for you and developed our list of the Top Five Teeth whitening Brisbane.

However, before you get onto that, you’ll need first to take a look over our list of considerations that you should be bearing mind whilst choosing what’s best for you.​

Consideration (for choosing Teeth Whitening - Brisbane)

Before making your decision, think about the following items and you’ll be well on your way to making the best choice!

Where are they Located?

Why have we put the location on the top of our list? Because so many people don’t think about the location until it’s too late.

Teeth whitening is much like any other non-medical cosmetic procedure - you should feel refreshed, happy, and even relaxed both during and after the procedure. Therefore, find a place that’s both easy to get to, and if you’re driving, is easy to park at.

Additionally, have you considered getting your teeth whitened during your lunch break? Try finding a place close to work and save more time!​

HOW do they whiten your teeth?

How would you like your teeth whitened today? As the competition in the professional teeth whitening industry picks up, more and more players are coming to the game. This means there’s more than one way of getting your teeth whitened and more options for you to consider than ever before.

It is strongly recommended that before having your teeth whitened you consult with your local dentist beforehand, preferably a dentist that knows the current state of your oral health.

What you can expect to pay

Don’t pay too much, but don’t pay too little either.

The cheapest options are generally (but not always) the least effective. While these might be fine for those with very light staining who only wish to see minuscule improvements, if you’re after significant results don’t waste time and money by choosing by price alone.

Are there any Extras or inclusions?

It’s very common for any professional teeth whitening procedure to recommend that you continue to use an at-home whitening kit to maintain your new bright smile.

With these kits running into the many hundreds of dollars, if they’re included in the overall price this can represent great value for money.

Make sure you’ve checked if an at-home maintenance kit is included in the price. If not, ask if one is needed, and how much it will cost.​

What you can expect

There’s a fair chance that you’re expecting whiter teeth. However, have you considered just how white you’re expecting your teeth to become?

Not everybody will be able to achieve the maximum shade of bleaching on offer - it’s simply biologically impossible.

However, as long as you’ve done your research and you’re not expecting impossible results from your chosen method of teeth whitening, you’re expectations will be managed and you will avoid disappointment.​

Our Top Five picks - Professional Brisbane Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening in Brisbane

Without further ado, after taking into consideration everything we’ve mentioned in this article, we present to you our list of the Top Five Professional Teeth Whitening Providers in Brisbane.

Smile Bar

Smile Artistry

Dental Pearls

Albany Dental

Brisbane Smile Centre


location Carindale, Westfield (and more)


Elizabeth Street, Brisbane CBD

Albany Creek

Camp Hill

Onsite Parking







Light assisted whitening gel




Zoom + Whitening Kit







5. Smile Bar

The Smile Bar franchise has taken off in a big way with stores dotted all over Australia. Smile bar receives mixed reviews from people who have experienced varied results.

Interestingly, Smile Bar claim that their lightening agent does not contain a peroxide-based bleaching agent, and thus does not pose the same risks as other methods of professional teeth whitening (such as tooth sensitivity and gum damage).

However, Smile Bar do not explain what it is that they use to make your teeth whiter. Therefore, we are unable to verify their claims.

If you’re after a cheaper option than some of the alternative methods of professional teeth whitening Brisbane, and if you’re comfortable not knowing exactly what's happening to your mouth teeth, than Smile Bar offers a real alternative.

Location: Carindale, Westfield (and more)

Onsite Parking: Yes​

Method of Teeth Whitening: Light assisted whitening gel. Smile Bar claims that this is “peroxide free”. However, with no information available on what their product does contain, we are unable to verify this claim.

Cost: Pay online to save 20%. Online discounted prices: Flash: $111.20, Classic: $135.20, Plus: $159.20, Premium: $183.20

Phone: 0410 990 310


4. Smile Artistry

Established in 1958, the folks at Smile Artistry have many years of experience and combine this with the latest in dental technology to bring you top quality dental procedures.

With Zoom whitening on offer at a discounted price (until 31 January 2016), it’s worthwhile checking these guys out if you’re looking for the industry leading method of professional teeth whitening to give you one of the brightest possible smiles available.

A free initial consultation is included in the teeth whitening cost treatment, and this is a very important part of any teeth whitening procedure in Brisbane.

Locations: Toowong

Onsite Parking: Yes​

Method of Teeth Whitening: The industry leading process of professional teeth whitening, Zoom, is on offer at Smile Artistry.

Zoom whitening involves a light-activated peroxide based whitening gel.

Cost: $599 (until 31 January 2016)

Phone: (07) 3870 3344


3. Dental Pearls

With a location best suited for those city workers who’re wanting to get their teeth whitened during their lunch break, Dental Pearls is situated in the heart of the CBD and are offering Zoom whitening at a competitive price.

The Dental Pearls practice promises tranquility and relaxation - perfect for unwinding during your busy work day!

Location: Elizabeth Street, Brisbane CBD

Onsite Parking: No

Method of Teeth Whitening: Proving the popularity and success of Zoom, Dental Pearls are another Zoom teeth whitening provider.

​Zoom whitening uses a light activated peroxide based whitening gel.

Cost: $599

Phone: (07) 3210 2144


2. Albany Dental

A good alternative for those north of Brisbane’s CBD, Albany Dental has been in business for over 20 years.

Offering Zoom whitening, you can expect a professional and high quality teeth whitening experience. Albany Dental are currently offering a great discounted offer if you book through their online form.

Location: Albany Creek

Onsite Parking: Yes

Method of Teeth Whitening: Albany Dental offer the industry leading method of professional teeth whitening - Zoom.

Zoom uses a light-activated peroxide-based bleaching gel to whiten your teeth in 60 minutes.

Cost: $650​

Phone: (07) 3264 9590


1. Brisbane Smile Centre

The folks at Brisbane Smile Centre have been servicing their region for more than 30 years and offer a wide range of dental services.

Once again, they offer the Zoom whitening system to refresh and brighten your smile.

With a friendly atmosphere and a focus on patient satisfaction, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hand with the Brisbane Smile Centre.

Brisbane Smile Centre clearly state their fee structure on their website, and offer one of the most competitive prices we’ve found in Brisbane!

Not only that, but the Brisbane Smile Centre offer appointments outside of regular hours including the weekend (by appointment). Perfect for those who’re unable to get to their dentist during the week.​

Location: Camp Hill

Onsite Parking: Yes

Method of Teeth Whitening: Zoom whitening with a take-home or at-home whitening kit.

Zoom utilises a professional strength peroxide based light activated whitening gel to give you the brightest, best, professional teeth whitening experience in 60 minutes.

Cost: Standard: $570 Standard + take home whitening kit: $770

Phone: (07) 3395 3133


Here's a short video about some of the best way to whiten your teeth:

If you have any of your own teeth whitening suggestions (from Brisbane) based on your own experience, we’d love to hear them – just leave a comment below. 

If you’re knew to teeth whitening we highly recommend that you visit this page to learn more about the whole process.

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