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Teeth Whitening Gold Coast – 5 Options to Consider

Gold Coast Area

With the fast-paced lifestyles that both Gold Coast residents and visitors share, people are always wanting to look their best at work and play. 

The professional teeth whitening industry plays a crucial role in this goal by offering customers a bright and dazzling smile in record time.

But, how do you know who to chose to whiten your teeth? Local knowledge is one thing, but with so many options hand, at with so many tourists visiting every year, we decided to do some of the work for you.

Keep reading for our top five professional teeth whitening gold coast, but first things first, there’s a couple of important points that you must consider when choosing where to have your teeth professionally whitened.

Considerations Before Choosing a Teeth Whitening Gold Coast:

There’s more to think about than just the price. Here’s what you should be thinking of when choosing a teeth whitening professional.

Location of the Practice

It’s simple but important. Having a professional whiten your teeth is quick and convenient. You should leave the chair feeling refreshed, satisfied and happy. Therefore, find a place that’s easy to get to and if you're driving, offer a place to park your car.

With so many options available, you should be able to find something that’s either close to home or close to work.

Methods of Teeth Whitening the practice offers

Not everyone will offer the same method of professional teeth whitening. Different methods will suit different people and their different needs.

Therefore, consider what’s best for you, and before making any final decisions, it is strongly recommended to consult with your dentist before any whitening procedure.

Cost of Each Treatment Offered

Paying less doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve saved money. If two identical whitening treatments are on offer from different people at different prices, ask yourself: why? What is the overall value of one place over another? For example – we know that whitening toothpaste is cheap, but do you have faith that it will work when compared to professional whitening.

Just as there’s more than one method of teeth whitening, so there is more than one price for teeth whitening. The more expensive methods are usually (but not always) the better methods.

Are there any Extras Included?

Your teeth whitening doesn’t stop when you leave the chair. Your teeth won’t stay white forever, and it’s recommended that you follow up your professional teeth whitening with an at-home whitening kit.

Some professionals will include the cost of these kits in the overall price, while others will ask you to purchase this separately. With these kits regularly costing hundreds of dollars, if it’s included in the price, these kits, along with any other included extras, can represent excellent value for money.

Prior Expectations

You’re expecting whiter teeth. That’s great, professional teeth whitening is an excellent way to do it! But how white are you expecting your teeth to become?

There’s a limit to how white your teeth can go. Keep your expectations realistic, and make sure the method of whitening you choose promises to make your teeth as white as what you’ve got in mind.

Top 5 Professional Teeth Whitening Providers on the Gold Coast are:

With all of our considerations in mind, we’ve researched what’s on offer to bring you our Top Five Professional Teeth Whitening Providers on the Gold Coast.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Gold Caost

Robina Town Dental

The Dental Lounge Robina

Mobile Teeth Whitening

TFI Dentistry

Smileplus Dental




N/A - Mobile



Onsite Parking



N/A - Mobile






Light-activated whitening gel









5. Robina Town Dental

The team at Robina Town Dental is a talented and resourceful group of dentists who strive to provide the best care they can.

Amongst their many other services, they offer the Zoom teeth whitening procedure that many other dentists choose to use.

Make yourself comfortable by listening to your music, or even watching a movie!​

Location: Robina

Onsite Parking: Yes​

Method of Teeth Whitening: Like many other dentists, Zoom is the choice of teeth whitening for the team at Robina Town Dental.

Zoom utilises a peroxide-based whitening agent in combination with an LED light to improve the results.

Cost: $750

Phone: (07) 5575 9100


4. The Dental Lounge Robina

A small, customer focussed team, The Dental Lounge Robina can create a personalized and professional customer experience utilizing their many years of experience.

The Dental Lounge Robina offers the Zoom whitening procedure that promises excellent results in just over an hour. Don’t miss out on the current deal that they have on offer!

Location: Robina

Onsite Parking: Yes​

Method of Teeth Whitening: The Dental Lounge Robina provide the very popular Zoom whitening procedure.

Zoom whitening involves the application of a peroxide-based whitening gel that in combination with the activating LED light that helps to improve the results.

Cost: $650

Phone: 07 5580 8855


3. Mobile Teeth Whitening

Looking for something a little different? Mobile Teeth Whitening is a cheaper alternative than seeing your dentist, and they promise results that are on par with those obtained from your dentist.

The downside to using Mobile Teeth Whitening is that you will not be consulting with a trained dentist. As they explain on their website, you do not need to be a qualified dentist to perform the whitening procedure.

Therefore, we would caution those who are considering this option and advise that it’s imperative that you do consult with your dentist before any treatment to ensure that you are choosing an appropriate and safe procedure for your teeth - something only a dentist will be able to tell you.​

Location: N/A - Mobile

Onsite Parking: N/A - Mobile

Method of Teeth Whitening: Light-activated whitening gel. Treatments take about 40 minutes.

Zoom whitening involves the application of a peroxide-based whitening gel that in combination with the activating LED light that helps to improve the results.

Cost: $149

Phone: 1300 855 382


2. TFI Dentistry

An award-winning and modern dental practice, TFI Dentistry represents one of the few real competitors to Zoom.

With the popularity of Zoom, you might start wondering if there’s seriously any alternative competition. TFI Dentistry offers Opalescence - one of the few serious professional options to Zoom.

At an attractive price and promising great results, booking an appointment with TFI Dentistry is an excellent option.

Location: Labrador

Onsite Parking: Yes

Method of Teeth Whitening: Opalescence is similar to other methods of professional teeth whitening with one major difference:

A similar peroxide-based bleaching gel will be applied to your teeth. However, Opalescence does not use any light to assist or “activate” this gel.

The manufacturers of Opalescence claim that lights provide no additional benefit to the whitening process. While we do not claim to take sides in this debate, many people have reported good results from Opalescence that are comparable to other methods of teeth whitening.​

Cost: $396

Phone: 07 5528 8222


1. Smileplus Dental

Smileplus Dental specializes in teeth whitening, as well as cosmetic and general dentistry. With several packages on offer, and with promises to tailor any treatment to meet your needs, SmilePlus Dental is an excellent option for those looking for more choice.

While they do offer more of a choice, just like many other dentists, Smileplus Dental offer Zoom whitening as their primary method of professional teeth whitening.

In addition to a free initial consultation, Smileplus dental offer something that we haven’t seen anybody else offer - a complimentary hand massage during any treatment to help you relax and enjoy your time in the chair.

Location: Southport.

Onsite Parking: Yes

Method of Teeth Whitening: Zoom teeth whitening, which utilises a peroxide-based whitening gel in combination with an LED light, is again on offer at Smileplus Dental.

Cost: $539

Phone: (07) 5591 2727


Remember – the above is just a small summary of all of the great teeth whitening gold coast. You could easily find 10 more great options, however, the above list is a great place to start comparing prices. 

For more information on teeth whitening and to explore your options, visit this page.

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