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The Top 5 Teeth Whitening Options in Perth

Perth, Western Australia

Teeth whitening in Perth is a booming industry (just one example of Perth’s changing economy) But with so many options to choose from, who should YOU choose to whiten your teeth in Perth?

With all dentists providing a professional clean, more and more are also offering a professional whiten. In addition, standalone professional whitening clinics continue to pop up, and Perth has never seen as much healthy competition than it does now.

This healthy competition is exactly what you, as the consumer, need. With each whitening professional competing for business, you can, with a little bit of research, rest assured that you’re getting the best deal.

Before we present our list of the Top Five Professional Teeth Whitening Providers in Perth, have a quick look through the things that you should be taking into consideration when choosing a professional. Doing so will ensure you save your time and money, and avoid any potential frustrations.​

Considerations Before Choosing a Teeth Whitening Dentist in Perth:

Before you make your choice, learn what you should be taking into account with our handy list..


Perth usually enjoys calmer, quieter streets than other capital cities. Unless you’re travelling during peak hour, driving to where you need to go a relatively easy, stress-free adventure (at least when compared to most other Australian capital cities). However, that’s no reason not to factor the location of your professional teeth whitening provider into the equation.

Having your teeth whitened should be a pleasurable experience, and you should leave feeling on top of the world! Therefore, make sure wherever you choose to go is easy to get to, and if you’re driving, is easy to park at.​

Extras Included

Most teeth whitening professionals will recommend that you follow up your professional teeth whitening with an at-home whitening kit. This will help to maintain your new smile, and you’ll be able to touch up your teeth as needed to keep your pearly whites as bright and beautiful for as long as possible.

These kits can easily represent hundreds of dollars in extra value, but aren’t always included in the quoted price.

Make sure to ask what, if any, extras are included in the price, and ask yourself if these do represent added value.​

Price of Each Treatment:

We don’t necessarily recommend going with the cheapest method on offer. There’s a lot more to factor into the overall value than just the price.

The whitening industry sees a lot of healthy competition, therefore, putting in a little extra effort and shopping around for the best price can quickly prove worthwhile.​

Method of Whitening

If you’ve been doing your research, then you’ll know that there’s more than one professional teeth whitening method on offer.

This will be one of the primary factors you’ll need to consider when making your choice. 

Before you do reach a decision, it is strongly recommended that you consult with your dentist before any treatment.​

Your Expectations

It’s important to go into your professional teeth whitening procedure with a good idea of both what you want, and what to expect.

Sometimes people to leave disappointed with the results. However, these people have not spent the time they need to understand exactly what they want, and what to expect.

Different methods of teeth whitening will see you gain different results. Make sure that the process of professional teeth whitening you choose promises to deliver what you expect is suitable for your teeth and that they have the proof to back up their claims.​

Your Options: Teeth Whitening Perth (Our Top 5 Picks)

Teeth whitening in Perth Australia

It’s time to take a look at our Top Five Professional Teeth Whitening Providers in Perth!We’ve done the research and factored our earlier considerations into these reviews.

Perth Central Dental 


Accent Dental

Simply Teeth

LifeCare Dental


Corner of Wellington and William Streets, Perth CBD.

 St Georges Terrace, Perth

St. Georges Terrace, Perth CBD.

West Perth

Wellington Street, Perth CBD.

Onsite Parking







Opalescence Whitening

Pola White



SmartBleach 3LT

5. The Perth Central Dental Centre

This state of the art dentist practice is located in the centre of Perth. Open seven days of the week from 8 AM. to 8 PM, their team of highly experienced dentists will be able to look after you from start to finish and provide all of the advice and care that you need. Find out more about them here.

Perth Central Dental Centre offer the Opalescence in-chair professional teeth whitening system.

Location: Corner of Wellington and William Streets, Perth CBD.

Onsite Parking: No

Methods of Teeth Cleaning: Perth Central Dental Centre use the Opalescence professional teeth whitening system.

Opalescence is a bit different than a lot of the competition. They claim that the evidence available to them shows that the bright lights used by other systems that are designed to activate their whitening gels, speed up and improve the results, are simply unnecessary.

This treatment will take roughly one hour, and whitening gel will be applied to your teeth for the duration of the treatment.

Whilst we’ll wait for the claims regarding the efficacy of light activated whitening gel's to be verified by independent experts before forming our conclusion; if you have concerns about the lights (which are perfectly safe when used correctly) that are used by other professional whitening methods, or you’d just like to try something different, Opalescence by the team at Perth Central Dental Centre may be just what you need.

Phone: (08) 9222 5900


4. Dental-o-So-Gentle

The dental practice with probably our favourite name, Dental O So Gentle offer another alternative to the more popular light activated whitening systems with the Pola White professional whitening system

With treatment times half that of many other professional treatments, the thirty minute Pola White system promises to deliver instant results to satisfied customers.

Dental O So Gentle are a trusted and professional group of dentists and dental professionals. With three locations in Perth, they offer convenience and top quality patient care.​

Locations: King Street, Perth CBD. St Georges Terrace, Perth CBD.Beldon.

Onsite Parking: Yes​

Methods of Teeth Cleaning: Pola White is a method of professional teeth whitening designed to take less time that other systems - only thirty minutes. This can be beneficial for the time poor, or for those who are concerned about sensitive teeth.

While virtually no methods of teeth whitening are suitable for those who already have very sensitive teeth, if you’re worried about some of the potential side effects of teeth whitening or you’ve experienced slight sensitivity in the past, Pola White may be for you.

Just like Opalescence, Pola White does not utilise any lights to “activate” their whitening gel. We can not verify if the shorter treatment times and the lack of lights will provide the same results as the more popular professional whitening systems. But, we do know that this Pola White system still gets good results.

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Phone: (08) 9321 1791


3. Accent Dental

Another dental practice in the heart of the city, Accent Dental offer what is by far the most popular method of professional teeth whitening – Zoom whitening.

This is a team of highly trained, and very experienced professionals. Accent Dental focus on customer care and satisfaction, and you should expect nothing less than great service when you visit.​

Location: St. Georges Terrace, Perth CBD.

Onsite Parking: No

Methods of Teeth Cleaning: Zoom is one of the most popular methods of professional teeth whitening worldwide.

Zoom’s huge success can be credited to its reputation - people everywhere are satisfied with the results from Zoom. We don’t mean to suggest that any of the other professional whitening services on offer are any worse than Zoom, but if reputation and evidence of success are your main priorities, it would be hard to recommend anything else.

Zoom uses a light activated whitening gel. Consultation and treatment times will vary between 60 and 90 minutes.

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Phone: 08 9226 1461


2. Simply Teeth

The folk at Simply Teeth have a great philosophy behind everything they do. They aim to treat you like family and answer any questions or concerns that you might have. If that doesn’t sell you on the idea, perhaps the prospect of walking into the clinic and being greeted by relaxing Jazz music will!

But Simply Teeth are not all talk with no show. It’s not just smooth Jazz and warm smiles. Putting their money where their mouth is Simply Teeth also offer the ever popular Zoom professional teeth whitening system.​

Location: West Perth

Onsite Parking: Yes

Methods of Teeth Cleaning: Zoom, one of the most popular methods of professional teeth whitening worldwide. The whitening gel is applied to your teeth, and an LED light is put in place to activate the gel and improve the results.

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Phone: 08 6361 1565


1. LifeCare Dental

Located in the CBD, open seven days a week including public holidays, and operating a veritable army of dentists, dental assistants, and other support staff, Lifecare dental have grown from strength to strength.

LifeCare Dental have 31 dentists and 68 dental assistants - a sign of this practice's continual success over the past 25 years.

Testament to their promise to deliver a high standard of dental care, LifeCare Dental offer the SmartBleach professional teeth whitening system to offer great results.​

Location: Wellington Street, Perth CBD.

Onsite Parking: Yes

Methods of Teeth Cleaning: SmartBleach 3LT, which the SmartBleach manufacturers claim has been shown to be the most effective method of whitening teeth.

Without the independent studies to reference this claims and review the evidence we’re unable to verify these claims. However, rest assured that this system does indeed work. If LifeCare Dental is willing to stick their reputation on this system, it’s a fair bet that they trust it to provide the best for their patients.

SmartBleach works in a similar way to the most popular methods of professional teeth whitening whereby a light activated whitening gel will be applied to your teeth for roughly 60 minutes.​

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Phone: 08 9221 2777


The above list is by no means all of the teeth whitening options in and around perth, however it’s a great starting point when you’re looking for the best teeth whitening in Perth. If dental/cosmetic whitening is not for you be sure to consider at-home teeth whitening which you can find out more about here.

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