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Looking for the Best Teeth Whitening in Sydney This 2023? Start Here.

You’re on the hunt for the best teeth whitening Sydney, but you’re confused about where to start looking.

The professional teeth whitening industry is booming, and practices that offer professional teeth whitening services are popping up all over the place, and Sydney is no exception.

With greater choice comes greater competition. Competition within any industry is great for the consumer – innovation accelerates, prices drop to beat the competition and overall value increases.

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However, with such a wide variety of professional teeth whitening services on offer, it is important to choose a reputable provider.

There is a limit to how many corners can be cut to reduce costs whilst maintaining quality. Remember; the value of any product is not necessarily represented by the price alone.

We’ve done some of the legwork for you by researching what’s on offer in Sydney to present to you our Top Five Professional Teeth Whitening Providers in Sydney.​

Before you Book in Teeth Whitening Sydney

You’ll need to weigh up more than just the cost of each whitening treatment when choosing a professional teeth whitening procedure.

To help reach an informed decision, we present to you our list of the primary variables that you will need to consider when making your choice.


You might think it odd for the location to be at the top of our list. However, with professional teeth whitening practices extending their reach and setting up shop outside of Sydney’s CBD, you now have more choice than ever.

Find a practice close to your home or place of work. If you’re driving, make sure there’s parking available either on site or nearby.

Method of Whitening

Professional teeth whitening isn’t limited to the one method. The various options available allow you to choose the best procedure for your specific needs.

It is strongly recommended that you consult with your dentist prior to any whitening procedure.

Price of Each Treatment:

The many methods of teeth whitening coupled with the healthy competition mean that treatments can range from one hundred to one thousand dollars for each treatment.

Not all methods are equal, and the less effective methods of teeth whitening are generally the cheapest.

Extras Included

Most (if not all) professional teeth whitening methods will recommend maintaining your new whiter and brighter smile with an at-home whitening kit. At the very least, these usually consist of a similar whitening agent that was used during your session (although at a much lower/safer concentration).

If one provider is much cheaper than the other, consider what else is (or isn’t) included. The added extras can sometimes exceed $100 in value.

Your Expectations

Last but not least, ask yourself what is it that you’re expecting from your professional teeth whitening procedure.

teeth whitening dentist from sydney showing client teeth

You obviously want whiter teeth, but how white? There’s a limit to how teeth can become, and this can vary from one individual to another.

If you just want to brighten up your smile without getting the full set of pristine Hollywood dazzlers, it might be worth considering one of the cheaper options that are available.

Best Teeth Whitening in Sydney NSW: The Top 5

We have taken into consideration all of the things we’ve mentioned to bring our list of the Top Five Professional Teeth Whitening Providers in Sydney.

The following table summarizes the 5 whitening options in a nutshell and if you scroll below you can find out more about each option

Smile Bar

Pure Smile

Dental Lounge

Sydney CBD Dental

ABC Dental


Bondi Junction, Westfield Burwood, Westfield Sydney CBD (Macquarie Street) Sydney CBD (George Street) Sydney CBD, Westfield

Onsite Parking

Yes Yes $20 Valet No (available at Wilson Angel Car Park) Yes


“Peroxide-free” whitening gel “Peroxide-free” whitening gel Zoom WhiteSpeed whitening Zoom WhiteSpeed whitening Zoom/ Opalescence whitening


$135.20 $127 $595 $650 $950

5. Smile Bar

Smile Bar claims that their bleaching agent is hydrogen peroxide-free, and therefore much safer than the other peroxide-based treatments.

However, Smile Bar does not elaborate on this and it is unclear what they are actually using to whiten your teeth, therefore we are unable to verify their claims.

Providing low-cost treatments at three separate locations across Sydney, Smile Bar receives mixed reviews from individuals who have gained mixed results.

If you’re not willing to pay for some of the more expensive treatments, and you are comfortable not knowing exactly what is being applied to your teeth, it’s worthwhile checking out Smile Bar.

Locations: Bondi Junction, Westfield. Sydney Pitt Street, Westfield. Miranda, Westfield.​

Onsite Parking: Yes​

Methods of Teeth Whitening Available: Smile Bar offer four different packages, all of which utilise their “peroxide-free” whitening gel combined with LED light assisted technology. Depending on which option you choose, expect treatments to take between 15 and 60 minutes.

Cost of Each Method: Pay online to save 20%. Online discounted prices: Flash: $111.20, Classic: $135.20, Plus: $159.20, Premium: $183.20​

Phone: 0406 350 579


4. Pure Smile

Pure Smile is another professional teeth whitening provider that, just like Smile Bar, claims to use a “peroxide-free” whitening agent, but does not clearly explain what active ingredients their whitening agent contains.

With similar pricing, and promising similar results as Smile Bar, it is hard to choose between the two providers.

If the price is your main concern, and you are not willing to pay for the more expensive professional treatments, it may simply come down to the location of each practice that is the deciding factor.

Locations: Ultimo, Broadway Shopping Centre. Burwood, Westfield.​

Onsite Parking: Yes​

Methods of Teeth Whitening Available: Pure smile offer three different packages, all of which use their “peroxide-free” whitening gel combined with LED light assisted technology. Depending on which package you choose, expect treatments to take between 30 and 60 minutes.​

Cost of Each Method: Pay online to save 20%. Online discounted prices: Professional: $127 Executive: $143 Platinum: $159​

Phone: 1300 858 199

3. Dental Lounge (Zoom WhiteSpeed)

One of the most popular, trusted and reputable professional cosmetic teeth whitening procedures is Zoom.

The team at Dental Lounge offers the Zoom WhiteSpeed treatment at one of the most competitive prices in Sydney, but you will need to pay extra for the take-home trays and whitening gel.

With an experienced team of Dentists and Dental Hygienists, choosing to go with the team at Dental Lounge will ensure that you get top quality service and expert advice.

Locations: Sydney CBD (Macquarie Street). Hunters Hill.​

Onsite Parking: Hunters Hill = Yes. Sydney CBD = $20 valet parking​

Methods of Teeth Whitening Available: Dental Lounge offer a number of cosmetic dental procedures. The cosmetic teeth whitening procedure on offer is the widely recognised and trusted Zoom WhiteSpeed teeth whitening procedure.

This procedure uses a peroxide based bleaching agent in combination with the Zoom WhiteSpeed LED light to assist the whitening process.

Cost of Each Method: $545 when prepaid ($595 if paying on the day). Take home trays and whitening gel are an additional $100.​

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Phone: (02) 9817 8944

2. Sydney CBD Dental (Zoom)

Another dental practice that offers the Zoom teeth whitening procedure.

The team at Sydney CBD Dental is a very experienced group of dentists and Dental Hygienists. Expect top quality service and advice when you attend for your Zoom whitening procedure.

Sydney CBD Dental offers the Zoom teeth whitening procedure at a slightly higher price than Dental Lounge, but this price does include the take-home kit (mouthguard and whitening gel).

Additionally, if your organization is a member of the Corporate Dental Program (CDP) you may be eligible for a 10% discount.

Locations: George Street, Sydney CBD.​

Onsite Parking: No. Free parking is available for Sydney CBD Dental at the Wilson Angel Place Car park.​

Methods of Teeth Whitening Available: Zoom, the widely recognised and trusted method of professional teeth cleaning is on offer at Sydney CBD Dental. Zoom uses a peroxide based bleaching agent in combination with the Zoom LED light to assist the whitening process.​

Cost: $650​

Phone: (02) 9232 3900

1. ABC Dental (Zoom & Opalescence)

ABC Dental has a huge range of dental services on offer, including your choice of one of two different professional cosmetic teeth whitening systems.

The cheaper of the two systems is Opalescence, whilst the more expensive is the Zoom whitening procedure.

With three locations across Sydney and a highly qualified team of professionals, ABC Dental provide excellent service.

However, they may be a little pricier when compared to some of the other options.

Locations: Sydney CBD, Westfield. North Ryde, Macquarie Centre. Bondi Junction, Westfield.​

Onsite Parking: Yes

Methods of Teeth Whitening Available: ABC Dental offer two alternatives, and their qualified staff will be able to discuss the best choice with you. That said, it may be the price which is the deciding factor.​

The Zoom whitening procedure uses a peroxide based bleaching agent in combination with the Zoom LED light to assist the whitening process.

​​The Opalescence whitening procedure bucks the trend when it comes to LED light assisted teeth whitening. The designers behind the Opalescence system claim that LED technology does not aid at all with the whitening process.

Whilst there is conflicting information regarding the effectiveness of LED assisted teeth whitening procedures, the team at ABC dental should be able to take you through the pro’s and con’s of each method to help you decide.​

Cost of Each Method: Opalescence: $500 Zoom: $950​

Phone: (02) 9232 3900

Remember always to consult with your general dentist before starting your search for the best teeth whitening Sydney.

If professional teeth whitening is not your thing, you could consider at home teeth whitening or other methods that you can learn about here. You're one step closer to a whiter, brighter smile!

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