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Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney: Costs and Options 2021

The term “It’s like removing teeth!” has given the dental profession a needless bad reputation. The truth is that most dentists don’t recommend teeth removal unless it is the procedure of last resort. They do everything in their power to save the tooth first, and when all else fails, they will likely prescribe extraction.They do […]

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Is Wisdom Teeth Removal a Scam?

By the time you hit your late teens or are in your early 20’s, a typical dental visit may lead to professional advice to remove your Third Molars, or Wisdom teeth as they are known in common language. While many of you may not question that advice, preferring instead to defer to your dentist, it may […]

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Wisdom Teeth Removal: Surgery or the chair?

At some point in our lives, many Australians will have a date with destiny: Dealing with a decision to remove our wisdom teeth. While for most of us the decision can be relatively simple, deciding on the actual procedure (in-chair versus surgical) may be a major challenge for some. There is no “one size fits all” […]

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