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Denture Repair – Is it possible and how much will it cost?

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Ok, you broke your denture! You have a big business meeting the day after tomorrow. You have an audition for the lead in a play!

What are you going to do?

“Can my denture be fixed?”

“Do I have to get a new denture?”

“Will I have to get a second mortgage on my house?”

You might need to get a denture repair. But not to worry! We'll give you the information to help you get to your business meeting with a big smile, get that big acting part, and not have to move in with mum and dad.

Denture Repair Options 

a denture repair in process

Depend on the type and severity of the damage, your options may varry.

The most common kinds of damage that occur to dentures are:

  • loss or fracture of a tooth or multiple teeth
  • crack on the denture
  • small chip off of the “wing” or side flange
  • fracture with part of the denture missing
  • fracture without separation through part of the denture
  • scrapes on the plastic

Damage can range from a simple popping out of one of the teeth to multiple fractures.

Dropping your denture down the garbage disposal and ending up with a handful of pink plastic will mean you are probably headed to the dentist for a new denture.

The good news is that even multiple fractures (within reason) can often be repaired.

If significant damage is done to the inner plastic surface where the denture fits against the gum tissue, a consultation with a dentist or dental prosthetist is probably a good idea.

Breakage where a piece of denture has gone missing presents the most difficult type of denture repair. Each case is individual and depends on how big a fragment of denture is missing.

Scrapes or gouges in the plastic usually need to be repaired as soon as possible as rough surfaces in contact with any gum tissue will cause immediate pain and possible tissue damage.

Denture Repair Costs

There are more than 120 denture repair clinics in Australia, so find a dentist or dental prosthetist with a quick look on the internet or in your local telephone directory.

Businesses offering denture repairs services advertise prices from as low as $70.00 to $185.00.

Most of these services will not give you a fixed price without examining your denture so they can evaluate the damage.

If you have the luxury of shopping for prices because you do not have to wear your denture right away, you can find a dentist or denturist price comparison at this website.

Most places that fix dentures offer emergency dental repairs on a same-day or while-you-wait basis.

There are businesses that advertise mail-in denture repairs for as low as $39.00. As with most things, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Denture Repair Kit

There are many denture repair kits that claim you can fix your denture at home for a fraction of the cost.

They have their limitations:

  • An incorrect repair can cause tissue damage in the mouth.
  • Complex repairs are virtually impossible with do-it-yourself kits.
  • The plastic material used to repair the denture, if mixed improperly, will cause an early repair failure.
  • If done incorrectly it may cause further denture damage, increasing the cost of professional repair.
  • If your denture broke because it was ill-fitting, it will most likely break again soon after the repair.
  • They cannot be used when part of the denture is missing.

If your denture cannot be repaired, you will have to be fitted with a new denture.

Thankfully, recent advances have made denture repair and denture wearing much more pleasant through dental implants.

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