How To Prevent Tooth Decay

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After millions of years buried in the ruins of ancient cities and towns, explorers find the skeletal remains of our cave dwelling ancestors.

Some stark discoveries that they make: The jaws reveal perfect teeth, free from cavities or gum disease. How’s that possible?

The answer is simple: Diet!

You Are What You Eat

More specifically, your teeth reflect what you’re eating habits are. A 1930 study on global dietary habits proved conclusively that people, from cultures that preferred “traditional” foods, had significantly lower levels of tooth decay than those with modern-day dietary preferences.

The effect

  • Like our cave-dwelling ancestors, traditional food eaters absorbed vital minerals from the foods they ate at 4 times the level of modern-day foods
  • They also absorbed 10 times more fat-soluble vitamins than that offered by today’s foods

The result

  • Stronger bones, healthier teeth, less tooth decay!

Who would have thought that eating healthy could make your smile better? Well, it’s a fact!

Today’s Dietary Challenges – What Causes Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay

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So what makes “traditional” foods better than the deli meats, soft drinks and fast foods that we eat today? Great questions!

And there are several reasons why this happens:

  • The down to earth reason is that the soil used to grow our foods today is so heavily pumped with potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen, that it has lost the benefit of many other natural minerals that help our bones and teeth.

  • Then there’s the fact that today’s food processing techniques – which aren’t used by traditional food prepares – strip our foods of some remaining essential minerals, and produce foods that are actually “anti nutrient” in nature. Heavily processed foods make essential minerals unavailable to our digestive systems, starving our bones and bodies of their benefits.

  • And finally, let’s take a gut check on our food: A healthy gut depends on having a balance of good and bad bacteria. Today’s foods aren’t doing anything to help the “good guys” survive and thrive. As a result, because the gut plays such an important part in the digestive process, even eating high-quality foods leads to lower than optimal absorption of minerals.

So what happens? Our teeth and bones are starved of the nutrients essential to grow and stay strong!

In order to ensure our bodies make the best of the foods we intake, the food not only needs to be nutrient and mineral rich, but our body needs to have the capacity to digest and absorb all of that goodness.

We need to make some healthy food choices to make that happen.

How To Prevent Tooth Decay

In order to ensure we have a healthy set of teeth, and to prevent our teeth from decay, we need to increase fat-soluble vitamins, such as A, D, E and K in our diets – especially K2.

Working together, this combination (A, D, and K2) of vitamins will most effectively deliver all of the benefits that healthy eating provides to our bodies.

So, given the food choices available today, which foods would qualify as ones that could provide our teeth and bones the most benefit?

Generally speaking, the following could be included as part of a nutritious diet:

  • Cod Liver Oil
  • Eggs, specifically from ducks and chickens raised on free range farms
  • Broth made from the bones of animals or chicken stock
  • Meats from the organs of fish and chickens, and especially of grazing animals and cattle. The green grass they eat produces an abundant supply of vitamin K2 from the K1 present in the grass
Cod liver oil pill

While we should continue to eat an abundance of other healthy foods, like organically-grown vegetable and pulses, including the four foods discussed above can make for a highly effective way to strengthen our jaw bones and prevent tooth decay. These foods are also recommended when wearing braces.

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