The Swedish Dental Association’s Attitude Towards Post-College Education & Conferences

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The Swedish Dental Association (SDA) was established in 1908 but has roots that date back as far as 1860, when the Sweden Dental Society was formed. This was primarily an academic association that promoted dental research and learning, which has gained greater impetus since December 1984, it has been advocating and furthering the cause of dental research and dental post-college education. New research results are published in academic journals and are presented at and discussed in conferences.

SDA provides a platform for all dentists in Sweden and aims at promoting education, enhancing knowledge, maintaining high professional ethics and furthering the cause of science. The ultimate aim is to produce dentists of high caliber and improve the quality of patient care. The association takes this task seriously and makes itself responsible for promoting continuing education to the dentists.

The association believes that it can achieve all this by strengthening the infrastructure and basic resources for dental research and ensuring greater coordination between dental faculties, departments and county councils.

‘Swe-dental', a forum trade fair, is organised by Stockholm International Fairs in association with The Swedish Dental Association and Swedish Dental Trade Association and The Annual Dental Congress is organised annually by the Swedish Dental Society. Together, they give participants an updated picture of research being conducted in various specialty fields and draws a road-map for further development in the future. On the whole, it offers qualified dental education to all those who partake. The forum also provides an opportunity for new suppliers to meet with each other and with their colleagues from different parts of the globe.

The association is stated to have 6,600 members and is part of Saco (Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations), which regards education and research as important investments as they are responsible for the progress of society and economic growth.

The Swedish Dental Association publishes two periodicals: The Journal of the Swedish Dental Association – 15 editions per year and the Swedish Dental Journal – a scientific periodical in English, with 4 editions per year. Together, they focus on news, dental policy and odontology and present Swedish and International dentists with the latest research.

What can other global dental associations around the globe learn from he SDA's attitude towards continuing education? measuring results are difficult, however taking a look at the Nordic countries level of dental health, it's easy to see the benefits on continued education among swedish dental professionals.



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