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Tooth Cavity Killers and Causes:
10 Surprising Habits that are Affecting your Dental Health

Everybody knows that basics of dental care - avoid sugar laded food and drinks, visit your local dentist frequently and don't forget to brush, floss and rinse your mouth out often.

We're not here to tell you what you already know - because sometimes its what you DONT know thats doing the damage!

Here's a list of common daily habits which may be contributing or helping fight against tooth cavities - without you ever knowing....​

Infographic stating 10 habits affecting your dental health.

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The Good - Cavity Killers

Swishing Coconut Oil
 - Swishing this miracle oil around in your mouth (known as ‘oil pulling’) has been proven to fight tooth decay by killing bacteria & reducing plaque, gingivitis and bad breath! Another reason why coconut is a miracle creation.

Practicing Yoga - Yoga reduces stress and anxiety, decreases inflammation and improves posture - all of which have been linked to a reduction in dental problems such as teeth grinding, gum disease and TMJ disease. Your teeth are just another part of your body that will benefit as a result of regular practice.

Drinking Coffee - Your daily dose of caffeine just got better. Coffee prevents decay by forming a protective barrier, stopping harmful bacteria sticking to your teeth. Be sure to skip the sugar and drink a glass of water shortly after to reduce staining effects.

Enjoying Red Wine - Yes, too much during happy hour will still stain your teeth however, studies show that red wine reduces inflammation caused by gum disease and reduces tooth decay by preventing bacteria from sticking to teeth.

Losing Weight - The mouth-to-body link is stronger than ever; studies show losing weight has a dramatic effect on reducing gum disease problems such as periodontal attachment, bleeding, and plaque levels. Even more reason to get in shape!

The Bad - Cavity Causes

Juicing - Yes, a cold-pressed juice is full of nutrients, but it’s also full of sugar - often more than a sugar-loaded soft drink. Try drinking through a straw or sticking to vegetable and leafy green juices to get the best of both worlds.

Chewing vitamins - If it’s sweet and chewy, avoid it. Chewing vitamin C is worse than chewing a block of sugar due to its acidic nature. Stick to vitamins in pill form; not as enjoyable, although more enjoyable than root canal!

Brushing Teeth Aggressively - Brushing harder does not mean a better clean; it’s about technique, rather than force. Scrubbing too hard or using stiff bristles can wear down enamel and expose the sensitive root area of your teeth. A good quality electric toothbrush will generally help stop aggressive brushing. Don’t kill your teeth with kindness.

Using Toothpicks - Jamming a toothpick in between your teeth causes abrasion and damages the sensitive base of your teeth where they meet the gums, leading to gum disease and other problems. Wait until you’re home to floss instead.

Biting your nails - Apart from the serious issue of oral hygiene, this bad habit can cause your teeth to move out of place and will also damage tooth enamel. Boycott the biting today.

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Remember: always ask a dental health professional for advice if you have any concerns about your habits which may be affecting your dental health.
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