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The Dental Guide Australia is fast becoming the leading dental health information platform for Australians.

Are you a dental or health expert who wants to share your knowledge and experiences with a guest blog post? The Dental Guide Australia wants to hear from you!

Here is what we look for in a guest post:

  • ​Word count should be 1000 words +  however, this depends on the topic
  • Any factual information needs to be clearly cited back to the source - and the source must be trustworthy (sorry, Wikipedia does NOT count)
  • Write in a conversational and easy-to-understand tone 
  • All work must be original (we check for plagiarism) and must NOT be published elsewhere

To apply, please fill in the form below with your details,  and pitch us with 3 potential article topics - relating to dental health in Australia. The topic must be informative and strictly non-self promotional.

IMPORTANT: To avoid wasting everybody's time, please put a little effort into your pitch - we will only respond if it's clear that you actually want to provide some value.